Virus Zero

Virus Zero is a revolutionary air purifier. Featuring Samsung SPi technology, Virus Zero eliminates up to 99.7% of airborne contaminants, and without the noisy filter systems of the past. Virus Zero out performs other industry air purifications systems in that, once the air is clean, it stays that way!

Karmory has been alongside Virus Zero duration of its growth trajectory. The relationship between the two began when Karmory became the strategic marketing planning partner for Virus Zero and its brand positioning. By capturing the essence and value of what Virus Zero means for the consumer, Karmory began with logo development and user experience website design, e-commerce and development. The Karmory team designed the appealing Virus Zero product packaging, and was a key partner in the integration of the warehouse fulfillment center completing the full sales process with inventory management and packing/shipping to customers.

Expanding Virus Zero’s visibility on the web, the Karmory team has developed and managed the product’s presence on social media platforms as well as re-marketing and AdWords text and display. The team has designed, developed and staffed Virus Zero marketing events - the New England Home Show of 2015 being one. Additional marketing approaches have included developing and executing direct mailing programs, and pubic relations media outreach. Working with Karmory, Virus Zero has gained visibility in both local and national publications.